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Looking for Sunshine Coast function room or party venues for your next meeting, event or private function? Hire Zephyr Bar for your next party or event!
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Perfect location for your next private event

Zephyr Bar is situated in the heart of Mooloolaba – perfect location for a venue hire. Mooloolaba is one of the greatest tourist destinations on the Sunshine Coast. Nestled away from the hustle of the esplanade, this venue is the perfect location for your next big event. It is situated within 120m of the beach; enough to be serenaded by the crashing waves and to enjoy the kiss of the coastal breeze.

We have hosted events including Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties, birthday parties, pre-wedding drinks for guests, work drinks, anniversaries and even casual get together for a quieter afternoon.

We are a fully licensed (no BYO) venue serving a selection of wines, bottled beer, spirits & whiskys as well as selection of cocktails. We offer cold pressed juices, soft drinks & other non alcoholic drinks. On request we are happy to provide a list of available alcoholic drinks. Our venue is airconditioned.

How much does it cost to hire Zephyr Bar as a Venue? To hire Zephyr Bar as a venue costs $250 per hour.

Below services are included in the hourly price of the venue hire.


Two waiting staff

Two of our the most professional & trained staff for the duration of the event who will serve you and your guests during the event, as well as clean up afterwords


We have a sound system that you can connect to and play your own music, or you could use one of our playlists that we have prepared earlier on Spotify.

Personal Drinks Menu

We are also happy to work out a drinks menu if you would like any specific drinks to be available & served.

Private Function

We will close the venue to the public so there will not be any disruption from the walk-ins. Please note that we share entrance with the hotel.


There is an onsite Council parking available. There are limits enforced so please make sure you check before you park.

Maximum Capacity

Our venue has a maximum capacity of 30 people to enjoy the venue comfortably.

30 minutes extra

We can open the venue 30 min prior start to enable you to set up if required at no additional cost. Set up your snacks and decorate your tables.

Open tab

We can open a tab if this is something you are interested in doing that can be settled at the end of the event.


We don’t provide catering but food/snacks can be brought in with you or you can arrange a delivery. We will provide plates & cutlery if required.

Please note

The venue can only be hired between 2pm and 10pm any day of the week.

To secure a date we require a non-refundable deposit of $250 (to cover costs) that will be deducted later on from the full price. Remainder must be paid 48h prior the event.

how do you hire The Zephyr Bar for your next event?

Pick your dates and contact Zephyr Bar’s team in order to secure the venue in advance.

10 + 12 =

What to consider when looking for a venue hire?

Start looking for the venue as soon as you have established these three things: budget, estimated event size, and space requirements. It can be a challenge to find the perfect venue when you have a lot of things to consider. You want it to be a memorable & comfortable experiance, but also be able to fit within your budget.

Here are some guidelines about when to make decision, what to consider, and how to do better. We’ve created these 5 simple points to remember when hiring a venue for your next unforgettable event.


The guest head count will be a good basis for selecting a venue. You don’t want your guests to be cramped in their tables, but you also don’t want the event to look empty. Also consider the amenities of the venue – will your guests be lining up in the comfort rooms because there’s only one, and you have a thousand guests?

Venues usually have a maximum capacity already determined, so it can be a simple phone inquiry or Google search to narrow down your options.


When choosing a venue, you also need to consider the comfort of your guests. You don’t want to hear your guests complaining that the venue is too hot, because you held your party at 12:00 noon in a farm. Also, are there any hazards around the venue? You may want to look around and observe a little more the place if there are any other activities that can make your guests uncomfortable.

Read other reviews from sites like Yelp for the venue you are considering to get a good idea of their experience with the venue.


Make sure to give consideration to your guests when deciding the location of your event. Sure, the mountain side hotel does look cool in your Instagram feed, but if your guests will drive 6 hours from their homes and through unpaved and dangerous roads then that might not be a good experience for them. Or if you decide holding the event in a function hall, consider the nearest one to the majority of your visitors.

If your guests are traveling by car, then 1-2 hours away from your guests’ homes may be a good location. It be worth it for them to attend and it is not considered very far.

Affordable Price

One of the biggest factor when booking a venue is the budget. You have to find a balance between all of the other points and your budget. If it’s not an issue, your options are unlimited when it comes to the venue. However, for the majority of us, we have limited resources and we must utilize those in the best possible way.

You can always inquire your preferred venue if they have discounts or packages that can fit your budget. Sometimes, the prices they post online can still be negotiated.

Unique Character

The ambiance & appeal of the venue is also a key factor in considering where to hold a party or event. You want everyone to cherish the moment. Of course, this can further be enhanced by decorating the place and personalizing it yourself or through event planners.

An actual visit to the venue is necessary to determine if the environment fits your event, do a some research ahead so you the decision making process will be easier.

We hope these tips can help you decide your next event’s venue. Let us know what other challenges you’ve had in the past when deciding for the place.

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