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What is our secret to perfect coffee?

Organically Grown Mambo Coffee

At The Red Shed Espresso Bar we use Mambo Coffee. Mambo Coffee are wholesalers of specialty grade blended coffee. They are current members of the Australasian Specialty Coffee Association.

Having our coffee roasted here on the Sunshine Coast ensures that the coffee is always fresh. Don’t drink bitter coffee, bitter coffee = not fresh.

Black Blend

This is our ‘pièce de résistance’ blend. The ultimate in smoothness. This blend uses 100% Arabica ‘Direct Trade’ beans from Brazil, PNG, Colombia Guatemala.


Roaster’s notes

Seductively smooth, rich dark chocolate with a hint of spice. Amazing in milk & equally at home as an espresso.

Recommended brewing method

Espresso, Filter, Plunger & Stovetop

Mambo Coffee

Mambo Coffee are wholesalers of specialty grade blended coffee. They are current members of the Australasian Specialty Coffee Association.


Jersey Milk Co – Supporting local farmers

The Jersey Milk is as fantastic tasting as it is consistent for the barista to work with.

Jersey Milk Co milk is a boutique milk that has been processed specifically by the dairy for the café market. It’s ready to go when you open the bottle, is consistent all year round with its heating properties and the finished product holds better for longer in the cup, making sure the barista’s latte art stays prettier for longer.

The Best of Jersey Cows

The Jersey cow has the highest butterfat content, the highest protein levels, the highest calcium, the highest milk solids. On top of that, a Jersey cow produces almost a 100% A2 beta casein protein.

Two Great Products

  • Full Cream Milk for those like their milk coffee full of that creamy goodness.
  • Low Fat Milk is perfect for those looking for the health conscience amongst us.




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