‘The God Shot’ translating to ‘The Best Coffee Cup you have ever tasted’.

You know that espresso shot that is oh so heavenly as you indulge in each sip; it can please those with even the most discerning palette? Yeah that one.

In order to produce the perfect espresso shot (AKA ‘The God Shot’) there are a few pre-extraction tips that may come in handy.

Prepare for the extraction

Purge the group head gasket on the machine and wipe away any left over coffee grains in the group head in order to avoid contaminating your new shot.


Adjust the fineness of the grind and the amount of coffee being ground in order to create the perfect resistance when extracting your shot. Ensure you adjust the pressure you exert when tamping the coffee. To hard = over extracted shot = bitter; to soft = under extracted shot = sour.

Get the timing right

Timing is the most important part in extracting The God Shot. According to Espresso Coffee, it is vital to identify when to stop the extraction process based on the length of the extraction time. Each extraction time is different depending on the coffee machine, size of the basket, beans etc. A tell-tale sign for when to stop a shot is based on its colour. When the coffee loses its rich caramel colour and changes to a lighter blonde colour, the coffee has been fully extracted.

Steaming fresh milk

And finally, finish off your coffee by steaming fresh milk of your choice to perfection. Try not to overheat the milk as this will burn the espresso. Incorporate air into your milk slowly in order to create a creamy glossy finish. The more air you incorporate, the frothier the milk will be.