Top tourist destination on the Sunshine Coast in Australia

Mooloolabane Coast

Mooloolaba is a suburb and tourist resort township on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia. It is located 97 kilometres (60 mi) north of the state capital, Brisbane, and is part of the Maroochydore urban centre. At the 2011 Australian Census the suburb recorded a population of 7,333.

Amaizing tourist sites

Of all the tourist destinations Australia is blessed with, Mooloolaba stands out. This exciting town in Southeast Queensland features some pretty amazing tourist sites. It’s location on the Sunshine Coast guarantees sunshine all year round. The town’s soothing subtropical climate only adds icing to the cake.

Top Ten Australian Beaches

Well, you may view this assessment as bias but tourist’s review do not lie. This beach was recently nominated for a spot on TripAdvisor’s Top Ten Australian beaches. Not every tourist destination in the country makes it that far.

Top tourist destination

So what exactly makes Mooloolaba a top tourist destination in Australia? All that has been said up until now should give you an idea. The list below provides a more expansive view.


Every tourist haven is blessed with favorable weather and Mooloolaba is no different. The town’s mild climate makes a walk on the beach more soothing than gulping a chill bottle of your favorite drink. In Mooloolaba, you can be sure that all your tourist plans will work out unhindered. Who wouldn’t want that? Imagine a family vacation where your kids get to do all their fun stuff without weather hiccups. Mooloolaba offers that and much more.


It is no fluke that Mooloolaba appeared in Australia’s Top 25 Beaches. For a long period, it maintained the sixth spot which as we all know, isn’t easy to keep up. “A serene atmosphere”. “The perfect relaxation spot”.. “Breathtaking”… These are a few out of the many positive reviews showered on Mooloolaba’s Beach. It is easy to understand why the town has in recent times hosted some memorable events.


 You can’t get enough of Mooloolaba’s array of tourist sites. There are lots of cool places to visit and activities to engaging in. Some popular activities and sites featured in the Sunshine Coast town includes…


Whale watching on the Sunshine Coast can be life changing. See how these magnificent mammals live and respond to their environment.

You could also go on a Canal Cruise in the Harbor area or visit the spit (A part of Mooloolaba that juts out into the ocean).

Visits to the Famous Eumundi Markets

The famous outdoor market is a beauty to behold. Every other Wednesday and Saturday, the market blossoms. It also has over 250 stalls that parade wares and other cool stuff that you can choose from. Outdoor shopping doesn’t get better than this.

Catching the amazing view of the sun rising over the ocean every morning.

Mooloolaba is located in the Southeastern area of Queensland. This simple fact means that you can get to see the amazing view of the sun rising over the ocean every morning. Amazing, isn’t it?

Fantastic selection of Coffee Shops and Cafes on the Mooloolaba Esplanade.

These and much more are reasons why tourists keep coming back to the town every year. Family vacations are also on the increase according to recent statistics.


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