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The story of bagels

Being the only bread that is boiled before baking, bagels have grown to be a common breakfast food among many people. This is thanks to their ease of eating, extremely portable nature compared to toast, and their even more satisfying and filling chew than the regular sandwich bread. This crusty ring shaped toast alternative is made by first shaping yeast dough into rings. These are then allowed to rise and then briefly hurled into boiling water for a few seconds before being baked. The result is a dense and rather doughy interior with a little crispy and brown exterior.

Bagels Mooloolaba

Selection of savory & sweet bagels at Zephyr Bar in Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast.

soy & linseed bagels

Try soy and linseed bagel with smashed avocado, feta cheese and lemon with a little bit of cracked pepper today. $5 | Loaded $10

Mixed seed Bagels

Load it up or top it up with one of our top quality ingredients. Tuna melt is one of these topping that goes very well with mixed seed bagel. $5 | Loaded $10

New York Style Plain Bagels

This plain bagel has been traditionally rolled, boiled and then put into the oven. Try it with one of our load it up options. $5 | Loaded $10

Garlic bagels

Garlic bagel is to die for, try garlic bagel with salami, lettuce and tomato. Topped up with a little bit of mayonnaise. $5 | Loaded $10

Rye & sunflower Bagels

Healthier option, this rye & sunflower bagel is perfect with roasted chicken, mozzarella cheese, sundried tomatoes, add pesto/mayo for some magic. $5 | Loaded $10

Gluten Free Bagels

If you are after a gluten free products, here we have it for you a gluten free bagel. Deliciously gluten free. Try with one of our loadings or just cream cheese and jam. $6 | Loaded $11

Cinnamon & raisin Bagel

If you are after something a little sweeter, this cinnamon and raisin bagel would be a perfect choice. Try it with honey, cream cheese, jam, nutella or marple syrup. $5 | Loaded $10

Blueberry Bagel

This blueberry bagel is great with one of the top it up ingredient. Why not to add a plum jam on top of creme cheese or peanut butter and banana. $5 | Loaded $10

Choc Chip Bagels

A little sweeter bagel, chocolate chip bagel is great to have with jam, marple syrup or honey. $5 | Loaded $10

The history of bagel

Despite being one of the most famous foods of our generation, the origin of bagel still remains blurred. However, it is a fact that bagels were widely consumed back in the 17th centruty in Ashkenazi Jewish communities. Apparently, it’s first known printed mention was back in 1610 which was in a list of several community regulations of the Jewish community in Kraków, Poland. One of the regulations of the community was that bagels were to be given to pregnant women. However, some people support the theory indicating that it’s first existence was when an Austrian baker prepared a stirrup known as ‘beugal’ out of dough with the sole purpose of giving it to the King of Poland in the year 1683 to show gratitude and honour for his help in defeating the Turks.

Why Bagels have a hole in the middle?

Up until now, many people wonder why do bagels have holes in the middle, if the hole is there for a purpose or it is just one of those things that can’t be explained. Apart from enabling a more even cooking and baking of the dough, the hole was traditionally used to thread string through groups of bagels to allow easier transportation and handling, and also give a more appealing to seller displays.

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