Piccolo coffee is a variety of coffee drink that gained popularity in Sydney within the last decade.

Piccolo coffee is made with the following steps:

Generally comes with a ristretto shot, which is approximately 15-20 ml in quantity, and is topped along with warm, silky milk. It is served in a 100 ml glass known as a small latte glass or demitasse. Piccolo coffee has widely gained popularity due to its size. You can get the fulfilling taste of coffee and fresh milk with just a small shot instantly.

Get freshly roasted coffee beans; make sure you get the right type of coffee beans, they have to be roasted for at least 4 days up to 3 weeks, prior to the day of preparation. The best flavor of roasted beans generally comes between the first two weeks and starts to decline after that.

prepare your espresso

Prepare your Espresso, it requires between 18 to 22 ground coffee to prepare the traditional double shot. You should collect it in a small heated glass, the espresso requires around 20 to 30 seconds for preparation. To make the right good espresso, you need to use clean pure water, fine grind the coffee beans and make sure the water is between 195-205ºF.

Steaming the milk


Steaming the milk along with a slight foam texture is the next vital step to make the right piccolo coffee. Before streaming the milk wrap the steam wand using a clean damp cloth to remove any water left. 


Pour it slowly into the espresso

Finally a few seconds after steaming the milk pour it slowly into the espresso. Make sure the jug is just at the top of the glass, not inside or a few inches above. The hot milk will make sure the espresso mixes perfectly to create the taste expected.

Enjoy your

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