Long Black

A long black is made by pouring a double-shot of espresso or ristretto over hot water. Usually the water is also heated by the espresso machine.

Long Black Coffee

Coffee turns the World into circles more than anything else. Understanding how to make various types of coffee, make it even better. Long black coffee is a tasty coffee that is made by dispensing a double injection of the portion of Espresso into warm water. It can also be made by pouring Ristretto into hot water.

Long black coffee is most popular in New Zealand & Australia, surprise surprise. It is similar to Americano coffee which is made by pouring hot water to an espresso shot. It is important to note that in making black coffee a double shot of espresso is pulled directly into hot water. If otherwise, the crema is destroyed and instead Americano coffee is made.

Strong flavor & thick crema

Long black coffee has a strong flavor and thick crema at the top. It also has a higher concentration of espresso. It is commonly served in a tall mug or cup. Long black coffee came from Americano style of making coffee but Italians perfected it.

In history, Italians prepared two kinds of coffee: a cappuccino and an espresso. However, Americans loved black coffee and when visiting Italy they would request a huge mug filled with black coffee. This was due to Americans used to drink brewed style of coffee at home.


Strength of Espresso

This made the strength of espresso too strong for them. Therefore, the Italians adapted and reduced the strength of the coffee. To reduce the strength of the coffee, they poured a portion of espresso into a large mug. The mug had to be prefilled with warm water before adding the espresso. That way, the long black coffee was born.


There are differences on how to make a long black coffee. But the common and the best practice is as discussed above. It is one of the best and most effective way to produce the best long black coffee in Mooloolaba. This method retains the beautiful crema and does not burn the flavors. This will make the coffee drinkers yearn to experience the flavors as well as the nuances of its origin.

Enjoy your
Long Black

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