Espresso is made when small amount of boiling water is forced under pressure through perfectly ground organically grown coffee beans.

Espresso or Short Black…

Espresso is the process of extracting flavor from coffee beans through an espresso machine. The first espresso machine was patented by an Italian, Luigi Bezzera, in 1901. The machine contained a boiler and four groups. Each group had filters that contained the freshly ground coffee beans. Where boiling water and steam have forced the coffee into the cup.

The machine patent however changed hands in 1903. New patent was acquired by Desiderio Pavoni who purchased its right. Desiderio Pavoni started manufacturing new machines based on the patent two years later.

After some years the first espresso machine arrived in the US at Regio’s in New York. This would later transverse the world to other coffee lovers and brewers.

Brewing of Espresso Coffee

Espresso has more caffeine per unit volume, and is generally thicker. It has a higher concentration of suspended and dissolved solid. Have you tried cappuccino, café latte or cafe mocha? Well, espresso is the base for all these drinks.

The art of espresso preparation begins with collecting freshly ground beans which are perfected for this quintessential coffee preparation. The art used by coffee purists is to calibrate the grind, expertly pour just the right amount of ground coffee into the filter, then keep a close eye on the process, watch on time, temperature and pressure. Even with the machines in place, you need proper vigilance as perfection hangs in the balance.

History of Coffee

Originally coffee was discovered in Africa and primarily Ethiopia as stories of a herder who had a new drug that could make him feel happy and active all day spread across the country.

The herder was happy about his new-found drug that would keep him active all day and some hours into the night. He decided to let the locals also try it out.

The ‘Good’ Drug

Their responses were positive more so from the hunters who accustomed to hunting day and night. Those who were religious and had night prayers. They had found the “good” drug and it was not long after that the Arabs took it from Ethiopia and farmed it heavily in their countries. However, coffee would only grow well in the best climates like Brazil which is still the world’s largest producer of coffee and some parts of Africa.

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