In Spanish Cortado is derived from the verb cortar that loosely translates to cut.

Milk in Cortado

The milk in Cortado is supposed to be dense rather than frothy or foamy. The ratio of coffee to milk is ideally supposed to be 1:1 and you have to remember, milk is added after the espresso.

This gives the consumer more coffee taste than the ordinary latte. The milk should be steamed only and should be served in a 150-200 ml glass. 


So when it comes to this coffee drink, Cortado is in simple terms a serving of espresso that is cut with an equal part of warm milk.

Trendy coffee drink

It is very trendy but not new, a very popular drink in Spain, Portugal and Latin America. It has been mentioned as the Spaniards national coffee beverage.

In Cuba it is referred to as Cortadito, served in a very special glass with a ring base and a metal wire handle. There are a few variations like; Cortado Condensada with just condensed milk and Leche y Leche with both condensed milk and cream to top it off.

Similar drinks

There are a lot of similar coffee drinks like the piccolo and galao. Piccolo is however a single ristretto shot while galao is mixed in the ratio 1:3 but otherwise similar to Cortado.

The most distinguishing feature from other coffee drinks, is the fact that it doesn’t have any foam.

Quite a big punch of richness

Cortado is an intense coffee drink that packs quite a big punch of richness. Its unique and traditional taste is second to no other coffee drink. For all the coffee lovers out there, this particular coffee drink is simply a must try that if prepared neatly could blow your mind.

And if you are not much of a coffee person, then maybe its because you haven’t experienced the goodness and richness of Cortado.

Enjoy your

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