Caffè mocha

If you love the combination of the coffee and chocolate, a Caffè Mocha would be a perfect drink for you. Caffe Mocha sometimes called Mocaccino, is a chocolate-flavoured variant of a caffè latte.

Specially crafted to awaken your taste buds

Specially crafted to awaken and enliven your taste buds as well as gratify your sweet tooth. Caffe Mocha is a delicate combination of rich, distinctive, aromatic coffee and sweet, pleasurable chocolate. This is definitely a delightful treat for you if you are a lover of a combination that contains coffee & chocolate.

What makes it unique?

Caffe Mocha derives its name from Yemen‘s most historic port town, Mocha. Mocha was renowned for exports of chocolaty-tasting high quality coffee. Mocha’s coffee was so good that traders and merchants frequently visited the town to trade their items for this coffee. With time, ‘Mocha’ became a household name for great coffee. Caffe Mocha, however, was invented in America and has since become a popular coffee treat.

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Variant of the Caffe Latte

Having been a variant of the Caffe Latte, Caffe Mocha can be black or white (with milk), with added dark or white chocolate for a smoother, creamier edge. They are occasionally served with whipped cream on top instead of the typical milk froth. Sometimes these could be served with cinnamon, chocolate shavings, nutmeg, marshmallow or cocoa powder toppings.

Caffe Mocha Ingredients

Typically, to create Cafe Mocha you would need these ingredients: milk, cocoa powder, whipped cream, vanilla syrup, brewed espresso, water, sugar, chocolate sauce and mocha sauce. However, different variants may include or exclude some of the ingredients.

Also know as Mocaccino

Also known as Mocaccino, Caffe Mocha can be creatively blended to produce different variants of the coffee-chocolate mix. One of these variants include mixing chocolate milk with an espresso shot. Another variant includes mixing the white chocolate syrup with the dark chocolate syrup into the drink. These variants have borne names such as tuxedo mocha, tan mocha and zebra. With such variations, Caffe Mocha cannot get boring.

Is Caffe Mocha A drink for you?

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