CafFé Latte

Do you like your coffee in the glass? The chances are your perfect brew is Latte or Cafè Latte (sometimes written Cafe Latte). Contains one standard shot of espresso and completed with steamed milk making sure that top of the Latte is nice & foamy.

What is a café latte drink?

There is nothing better than the smell of a nice brewed coffee in the morning. Especially if it is café latte espresso. Apart from the common espresso, this special drink is made from steamed milk which is topped with a light layer of foam to spice it up.

Origin of Café Latte

Although cafe latte has its origin in Italy, the drink is widely consumed in America in the morning due to its dark strong coffee.

Known as Flat White

However, it is known as flat white if it is served without a layer of foam.

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What makes Café Latte unique?

Café latte drink is not the only type of espresso in the market, but you will agree with me that it is on the favorites list of most coffee lovers. There are other types like pure espresso, espresso con panna, café breve, cappuccino among others. In fact check our coffee menu for inspiration.

Nevertheless, this drink is close to cappuccino but for taste and method of preparation. The unique taste of this coffee drink is attained by mixing 6 to 8 ounces of steamed milk and can be found in nothing less than 12 ounces in the US.

What is the price for Your usual Café Latte in Mooloolaba?

Although it is not the most expensive espresso drink in Australia, the standard range from $4.5 to $5. The difference in prices is determined by the size or number of espresso shots ordered by the customer.

For instance, café latte comes in three sizes, tall, grande and venti, with venti being the most expensive.

Where can I buy a Glass of café latte drink?

Café latte drink can either be made at home or purchased in coffee shops.

Zephyr Bar by The Red Shed Espresso is one of these coffee shops where you can experience one of the best cafe lattes in Mooloolaba on Sunshine Coast.

If you want to have a great morning you should try out this unique drink. Café latte espresso.

Enjoy Your Café Latte!

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