When you combine double espresso shot of MAMBO coffee and hot fluffy milk. Top it with some organic coco powder you will get the best Cappuccino in Mooloolaba.

History Of The Cappuccino Age

Tracing back the roots of the coffee wonder, cappuccino takes us to Italy. Ingredients like espresso, hot milk, steam-milk foam and coffee are combined to a creamy taste. The name is derived from the Capuchin friars mainly because of their religious attires at that time. Their general appearances of having a white head and a remaining ring of brown hair.

Paper cups and glasses were less effective in keeping it hot. The foam on top of it also helps to keep it hot, and is often sprinkled with a spice such as cinnamon, cocoa or nutmeg. A cappuccino is different from a caffe latte. It uses less milk than a latte which, supposedly was created to satisfy American taste.

Known as Flat White

Secondly the foam may not necessarily be on lattes. One similarity in usage is that a wet cappuccino is simply a short latte that has more foam. Coffee chains in America, such as Starbucks, do serve lattes & cappuccinos at equal sizes (twelve ounce), but with the cappuccino having greater foam. In Europe the cappuccino that is served consist of approximately 180 ml of milk and 150 ml of espresso.

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Love of Cappuccino

Upon its offset from Italy, it had initially acquired acceptance from the British. Aside from the love of coffee, the British have embraced a new coffee drink as it could be consumed at any time of the day rather that just morning.

Cappuccino taste

Accurate temperature and texture of the milk is another determining factor. Usual thickness of foams in this drink reaches up to inch. There are a variety of this type of coffee drink, only differences can be inferred from the volume of milk added to the coffee. There’s the cappuccino chiaro, wet and the scuro.

For instance, café latte comes in three sizes, tall, grande and venti, with venti being the most expensive.

how to prepare Cappuccino

When steaming the milk to produce milk form, a lot of details should be dealt on its ratio. With this regard, cappuccino is considered one of the hardest drink to prepare. In its early introduction, it was originally prepared in Europe, North and South America, Australia and including South Africa. In today’s modern world cappuccino have gained massive popularity with the help of the up scaled coffee shops all throughout North America.

Enjoy Your Cappuccino!

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