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We offer a selection of coffee drinks, cold pressed juices, milkshakes, hot chocolates and more. Let us know if there is anything that you would like to see.

Types of Coffee | White & Black


Espresso is made when small amount of almost boiling water is forced under pressure through perfectly ground organically grown MAMBO coffee beans. The smallest on our coffee menu.


double espresso

Double Espresso as per name is just a double of the delight. It is made when you force very hot water under high pressure through finely ground, compacted MAMBO coffee beans.


Long black

Our long black coffee is made by pouring a double shot of espresso or ristretto over hot water. That water is heated by our magnificent espresso machine.



Ristretto is traditionally a short shot of espresso coffee made with the normal amount of ground coffee but extracted with about half the amount of water.


Caffè Macchiato

The touch of milk typically frothed combined with an espresso shot would make Caffè Macchiato. Of course name for this type of coffee is Italian, macchiato means “stained” or “spotted” so the literal translation is “stained coffee”, or coffee with a spot of milk.



When you mix espresso coffee with approximately equal amount of warm milk you will get a coffee drink called Cortado.

You must remember that the milk won’t be frothy or foamy.



Generally comes with a ristretto shot, which is approximately 15-20 ml in quantity, and is topped along with warm, silky milk. It is served in a 100 ml glass known as a small latte glass or demitasse. Piccolo coffee has widely gained popularity due to its size. You can get the fulfilling taste of coffee and fresh milk with just a small shot instantly.



When you combine double espresso shot of MAMBO coffee and hot fluffy milk and top it with some organic coco powder you will get Cappuccino. Cappuccino is probably one of the best looking coffees from our coffee menu.

 LG $5 | MD $4 | SM $3.5

Caffe Latte

Do you like your coffee in the glass? The chances are your perfect brew is Latte or Caffè Latte. Contains one standard shot of espresso and completed with steamed milk making sure that top of the Latte is nice and foamy.

 LG $5 | MD $4 | SM $3.5

flat white

The chances are that your favourite coffee drink is traditionally called Flat White. Shot of espresso completed with steamed milk heated to perfection with not much foam on top.

 LG $5 | MD $4 | SM $3.5

Caffè mocha

Specially crafted to awaken and enliven your taste buds as well as gratify your sweet tooth. Caffe Mocha is a delicate combination of rich, distinctive, aromatic coffee and sweet, pleasurable chocolate. This is definitely a delightful treat for you if you are a lover of coffee & chocolate.

 LG $5 | MD $4 | SM $3.5

Other made drinks

Hot & cold chocolate

Favourite hot chocolate at the Zephyr Bar comes with a marshmallow or two. Hot Chocolate is made with organic cocoa powder, heated milk with no sugar unless you ask for it.

 LG $5 | MD $4 | SM $3.5

chai latte

We will make you delicious chai latte using Chai powder or Chai tea leaves depends on what you prefer. Steamed milk, much like a regular cafè latte, is mixed with a spiced chai powder or if you prefer extract from the chai leaves.

 LG $5 | MD $4 | SM $3.5

Turmeric Latte

If you are someone who has not yet had the chance to try a turmeric latte, you simply must enjoy one of these amazing and healthy drinks! The turmeric latte is definitely not your average latte, not by a long shot.

 LG $5 | MD $4 | SM $3.5

What coffee beverages do you sell?
We can make almost any coffee you like. Our highly trained baristas will follow your instructions and make a coffee to your liking.
Do you use chai leaves or chai powder to make chai lattes?
We can make both depending on your preference.
What brand of Soy milk to you use?
We only use Bonsoy, with no artificial additives and no preservatives. This product is manufactured and packed in Japan.
Do you make other drinks besides coffee?
Yes, we have organic Tielka tea available in 5 flavours, we also make Tumeric and Chai lattes as well as a range of cold drinks.
What alternative milks do you offer?
We stock Bonsoy, almond, coconut and lactose free milk as well as the usual skim and full cream milk.
Is alternative milk more expensive?
Yes, we do charge an additional 50c for coffee made with alternative milks.
What other brands of alternative milks do you use?
We use MilkLab for our almond, coconut and lactose free milks.

Food Menu

We are a bagel bar. Try one of our yummy bagels today. From Gluten Free bagel to Mixed Seeds and Garlic.

Bagels Mooloolaba

Selection of savory & sweet bagels at Zephyr Bar in Mooloolaba

soy & linseed bagels

Try soy and linseed bagel with smashed avocado, feta cheese and lemon with a little bit of cracked pepper today.

$5 | Loaded $10

Mixed seed Bagels

Load it up or top it up with one of our top quality ingredients

$5 | Loaded $10

New York Style Plain Bagels

This plain bagel has been traditionally rolled, boiled and then put into the oven. Try it with one of our load it up options.

$5 | Loaded $10

Garlic bagels

Garlic bagel is to die for, try garlic bagel with salami, lettuce and tomato. Topped up with some mayo.

$5 | Loaded $10

Rye & sunflower Bagels

Try this very healthy bagel rye & sunflower with roasted chicken, mozzarella cheese, sundried tomatoes & pesto/mayo today.

$5 | Loaded $10

Gluten Free Bagels

If you are after a gluten free products, here we have it for you a gluten free bagel. Deliciously gluten free. Try with one of our loading or just cream cheese and jam.

$6 | Loaded $11

Cinnamon & raisin Bagel

If you are after something a little sweeter, this cinnamon and raisin bagel would be a perfect choice. Try it with honey, cream cheese, jam, nutella or marple syrup.

$5 | Loaded $10

Blueberry Bagel

This blueberry bagel is great with one of the top it up ingredient. Why not to add a plum jam on top of creme cheese or peanut butter and banana.

$5 | Loaded $10

Choc Chip Bagels

A little sweeter bagel, chocolate chip bagel is great to have with jam, marple syrup or honey.

$6 | Loaded $11

What kind of food do you offer?
We have selection of bagels that we offer. You can load it up for $10 or simply top it up with a range of delicious ingredients.
Do you have Gluten Free bagels?
Yes we stock Gluten Free Bagels.
Are your bagels made the traditional way?
Yes, our bagels are first boiled and then baked the traditional way.
Do you have any vegan options?
All our bagels are vegan friendly with the exception of the Gluten Free Bagel. You can also pick and choose your ingredients to suit you.
How many flavours of savoury bagels do you have?
We have 6 different flavours of savoury bagels. Mixed Seed Bagels, Soy & Linseed, Rye & Sunflower Bagels, Garlic bagels plus plain and Gluten Free Bagels.
Do you offer sweet bagels?
Yes, we do offer 3 (three) different flavours of sweet bagels. We have blueberry bagels, raisin and cinnamon bagels and choc chip bagels.

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