Weather or not you are a coffee connoisseur there are few things you should know about the way to store your freshly roasted beans at home.

Many people do it. Should you keep your coffee in the fridge?

To make sure you have the best cup of coffee start with quality beans, ideally just roasted.

Coffee beans are best stored without air and moisture, away from the heat and direct light. Remember these four enemies of coffee beans and you should always have optimal cup of coffee.

But should you keep your coffee beans in the fridge? The best way to preserve freshness of your coffee beans would be if you use dark opaque, airtight seal containers stored at room temperature.

Keep your roasted beans in a dark & cool place; try to avoid the retail packaging as these are no designed to store coffee correctly after opening unless these are dark one-way valve to allow carbon dioxide out without letting air in.

As coffee looses its freshness almost immediately after roasting it would be a great idea to only buy the right amount. Buy it more often but at smaller amounts.




Should you keep your coffee beans in the fridge?

Have you ever kept your coffee in the fridge? Yeah me too. Apparently this is not a good idea. The fridge and freezer should be avoided, coffee experts say, because the humidity and temperature changes cause condensation. Moisture is the fatal for the coffee beans and can instantly turn them bad, spoiling the taste.

Should you freeze your coffee beans?

This brings the point of weather or not it is ok to freeze your coffee. As coffee looses its freshness straight after roasting seems like a good idea to freeze it to preserve that freshness.

US National Coffee Association recommends storing your coffee beans in the freezer but only for up to one month but the condition is to keep it there for the whole period. If you take it out, that’s it, once out it’s out. If this is what you desire to do you should probably divide your stockpile into small portions and freeze it this way.

But there are also people in the ‘coffee field’ who say that there is no point in freezing your coffee unless plan on keeping it there for longer than a month. For shorter periods you better off storing it in the airtight container at the room temperature.

Few other things to remember is to make sure you properly reseal your container after every use and don’t leave your coffee in the grinder because it is likely to just go stale.

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Just remember these four to keep your coffee beans fresh for longer: moisture, air, sunlight and heat.