Cold pressed juices

Fresh, made to order cold pressed juices Mooloolaba. Choose your favourite fruit or vegetable and we will make you healthy and delicious cold pressed juice.

Cold Pressed Juice Benefits

You’ve heard it said by dietitians, physicians and other health and wellness experts that fresh juices are a boon to your body. Well, we can’t argue with that. With all the nutrients and minerals we get from the fruits, veggies, superfoods and all juices we agree these drinks are a real blessing to the body. However, you do not derive the same benefits from the same juice made using different methods. That’s why there is a debate going on about the benefits that cold-pressed juicing has over traditional juicing. But first what is cold pressed juicing?

Cold Pressed Juicing

Cold pressing is the technology of separating the fiber from the cells of vegetables and fruits without the aid of heat. Machines used to aid this process are called masticating juicers. This is because they use hydraulic power to chew and crush the juices out of the fibrous plants.

Keeping ingredients intact

Since they generate almost no heat in the process of juicing they keep more of the ingredients in the fresh fruits and vegetables intact. What does this imply? Cold pressing juices allows all the healthy protein, minerals, vitamins and fiber to remain but in a crushed state.

Flavorful, bright & healthy

By removing heat from the equation this process eliminates the chances of oxidation. It also leaves the enzymes intact and viable. The final products of this process are flavorful, bright and, healthy juices that are as close to what nature offers as possible.

Welcomed detoxifier

With many toxins that we ingest daily, the cold-pressed juice is a welcome detoxifier. All the nutrients, vitamins and enzymes contained in the fruits are directly extracted to the cold pressed juice. Some of these nutrients are essential for fighting diseases and toxins. Equally some of the nutrients which will have been lost through for example the pasteurization process are essential in boosting our immune system.

Why cold pressing juicing is superior to traditional juicing

Traditional juicing uses centrifugal juicers to make these juices. That is where the problem is. These juicers use rapidly spinning blades to beat juice out of the veggies and fruits. In the process, the blades generate some bit of heat which destroys the living enzymes in the veggies and fruits. The spin of the blades also forces the juice to come into contact with air oxidizing the nutrients and rendering less nutritious juices than a cold press juicer.

Taste that matter

It is, therefore, a scientific fact that cold juicing is a superior juicing technology compared to centrifugal juicing. So any time you want to take or make a juice bear in mind the technology used to make the juice. We strongly recommend cold pressed juices. The objective reasons are there for all to see.

Supplying nutrients with cold pressed juices

Cold pressed juices are perfect for anyone who has lost its an appetite or simply is sick. Fruits & vegetables are important and highly recommended by doctors for patients who are undergoing treatment and healing process. With the coming of the cold-pressed juice, these nutrients can be supplied to the body by drinking fresh juice which is much easier to drink than eating the fruit itself for the sick person.

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