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Coffee Course / Barista Training

For many drinking coffee is a part of their culture and daily life. For others making coffee is a passion. Learning to make a good cup of coffee has pricked the interest of many, and as such many are seeking places to learn the valuable skill.

Coffee courses are a fairly new offering and are for coffee lovers and those who wish to make a living making coffee. Coffee courses are offered at different levels to suit the learner. The levels are foundation, intermediate and professional depending on how the learner wants to use their newly acquired skill.

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Foundation courses introduces the learner to some basic facts about coffee which the learner may or may not be familiar with. Foundation courses also introduces brewing and barista skills.

Specialty Coffee Mooloolaba

Organically Grown Mambo Coffee At The Red Shed Espresso Bar we use Mambo Coffee. Mambo Coffee are wholesalers of specialty grade blended coffee. They are current members of the Australasian Specialty Coffee Association. Having our coffee roasted here on the Sunshine...

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Latte Art Techniques | Barista Course

  Latte art Techniques can be broken down into three main components of creation   Its one thing to have a comprehensive manual from the best barista, its completely different when trying to master their latte art techniques, every barista has their own...

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Different Specialties

There are also different specialties that can be pursued. A typical coffee course covers the history of coffee, different methods of making and serving coffee among other things. Areas of specialty include brewing, roasting and making coffee. Each area of specialty can be pursued by the learner from the basic to the professional level.

During the grinding phase, the barista should even feel the texture with their hands to determine if the texture is the desired one.

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On-line or in Class options

There are two options for learning available to coffee enthusiasts. There are online options and In-class options. It all depends on the needs of the learner and the level to which he/she wishes to develop the skill. For a complete coffee course and for those who wish to make money from their skill, learning to make the different types of coffee is a plus offering of coffee courses. Learning to make an Espresso, Cappuccino, macchiato and other different types makes a coffee course even more interesting and worthwhile.

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Pursuing a coffee course can be a fulfilling and interesting experience that can translate into making money.

Coffee courses worldwide are attracting a lot of attention as many individuals begin to realize the many benefits and possibilities gained from such courses.

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