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What coffee does to your brain and why you love it?
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why coffee keeps us awake?

We are all familiar with the drink Coffee, we drink it in the mornings almost religiously, and we know that wakes us up and help us to not fall asleep but do we know if it has benefits other than just helping us stay up? Being the most consumed beverage in the world, there must be a reason for this to happen.

What are Coffee Benefits on your brain

Coffee has a wide variety of benefits for our bodies, as a strong antioxidant, assisting with the healing of cells and fat burning by boosting our metabolisms.

Caffeine & your brain, why such a effect

But the main reason it is so important is because of the advantages it provokes in our brains and nervous system; the main ingredient in coffee is caffeine, is the world’s most widely used psychoactive drug, working as a very assertive stimulant of the central nervous system.

Ability to make you feel Awake

It has the ability to make you feel less tired and with more energy, studies have revealed that caffeine improves reaction time, concentration and motor coordination.

Coffee awakes our brain

But also has variable effects learning and memory as it awakes our brain and sharpens our senses, helping the person focus and concentrates more than usual, at the point that it has been proven that its regular consumption can assist with the prevention of Alzheimer’s – being a strong neurodegenerative disease – by stimulating neurons. Studies revealed that coffee drinkers have an extremely lower risk of getting Alzheimer’s in comparison with non-coffee drinkers. This also happen with other neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s. It also lowers blood pressure and helps assist on liver functions.

Coffee aroma

We cannot forget to mention the incredible exquisite taste and aroma that this fabulous drink can offer us. The simple smell of it affects and awakens our senses taking us places and moments we treasure, making you feel like home pretty much everywhere holding a good cup of coffee in your hands.

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