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Barista Training Sunshine Coast is a good way to introduce yourself to the industry. We bring you the best barista course / barista training on the Sunshine Coast.
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This barista training / course covers the seven essential steps of the art of espresso.

Principles of Specialty Coffee | Various Espresso Beverage Styles | Preparing the Espresso | Basic Coffee Grinding & Tamping Fundamentals of Espresso Shot | Extraction | Basic Milk Texturing | Free Pour Latte Art Techniques | Basic Machine Cleaning

Coffee Courses On The Sunshine Coast You Can Actually Join

One on One personal Barista Training

The cost for this 2 hours barista training with extra hands on experience and a lot of time to practice is $200+GST.


Mooloolaba QLD on the Sunshine Coast


2 Hours or (or $100 per hour, min 2 hours)


This can be arrange as per your requirements, outside of our usual trading hours.

Group barista training (Max 4 people)

The cost for this 3 hours barista training with hands on experience is $150+GST.


Maroochydore QLD on the Sunshine Coast


3 Hours


Our courses usually run on Tuesdays & Saturdays from 9am until 12noon.

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WHY Barista Training is in demand

Why Barista Training is in demand

Most coffee shops nowadays are constantly looking for qualified baristas to make coffee for their clients. It would be hard for you to get a job in a coffee shop unless you have a Barista Training course. The training will help you to know how to obtain best coffee taste that your clients want.

After completing your course, you know how to check the quality of coffee and know to adjust the coffee machine to ensure that you produce coffee of high consistency. Baristas also know how to prepare other types of coffee such as Cappuccino, Caffe Latte, Piccolo, Macchiato or Mocha.

A Barista can obtain best results through tamping, extraction techniques and grind coffee beans. There are various factors that determine the quality of espresso produced such as nature of the coffee beans used, extraction techniques used and grinding. A Barista can balance all these factors to ensure that your clients get high-quality coffee. He also possesses milk frothing skills that make them produce high-quality Caffe lattes and cappuccinos.

If you want to boost the sales of your coffee shop, then you need to employ an experienced Barista. A Barista training course can improve your coffee making skills and help you to secure a job in a coffee shop.

What is Barista Training?

Do you want to improve your coffee making skills and do not know where to start?

Any coffee drinker can spot the difference in quality and taste of coffee made by a trained barista or by someone who has not undergone any coffee training at all. The word Barista is commonly used when referring to trained coffee professionals who use an espresso machine to serve great coffee.

Most coffee shops employ qualified Baristas to ensure that their clients get the best quality and taste of coffee. To become a Barista, you need to undergo a Barista training course to gain knowledge of coffee preparation and how to use coffee machines.

A Barista will be able to prepare the best espresso for avid coffee lovers. Most Baristas in our coffee shop will prepare a variety of lattes and cappuccinos based on the client preference. Contrary to what many people believe that making coffee is just mixing coffee extracts with water, coffee making is an art. And, you can only make the right coffee blend after you have undergone proper training.

When you have undergone a barista course, you will be able to appreciate the roles they play in a coffee shop environment.

Critical Skills Every Barista Should Possess

As much as you may know how to brew your coffee, the quality of the drinks you get at places restaurants and inns depend on the skills of the employees. It is therefore up to these establishments to hire people with the right skills if they expect their products to move fast. Find out about basic Coffee Grinding and Tamping techniques.

Principles of Specialty Coffee – Barista Course

Among the best beverages people love all over the world is coffee. It has become a constant companion of men and women of all ages. However, while coffee may be familiar, the taste of coffee differs. Find out more about specialty coffee.

Latte Art Techniques

Making beautiful designs by pouring steamed milk (called Latte Art Techniques) on espresso drinks is not neuroscience. But it can be elusive when trying to get the perfect balance of both fluids, especially the moment steamed milk meets espresso.

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