11 Facts About Coffee

You Probably Didn't Know About

Coffee Fact 1. A coffee plant can live up to 100 years or more

Did you know that a coffee plant can live across a century and even more? Now you know. The only irksome thing about these coffee years is that the coffee is utmost productive between the age of 7 to 20 years and the productivity begin to wane towards its lifespan. Some special species have even been observed to live up to 200 years!

Coffee Fact 2. Bean or seed?

You’ve obviously heard people say “coffee beans”, is this really true? Typically, the coffee we drink is not from ‘beans’. The part that is roasted and ground is from the coffee cherry fruit and is technically a seed rather than a bean. The seed is separated from the cherry, processed and there you go!

Coffee Fact 3. Who discovered coffee?

It is patently unclear who really discovered the coffee. A story is, however, told of an Ethiopian shepherd who observed his goats bouncing and sleepless at night after having their daily meal on the strange plant. The herder knew that something was up and that is how the famous coffee came to be noticed!

Coffee Fact 4. The most expensive coffee is removed from the elephants’ excrement.

You won’t believe this but it is true! This is happening in Thailand. Elephants are fed with the coffee cherries and later on when the elephants take the long call, the seeds are removed and processed. And there you have the smoothest and tasty coffee ever.

Coffee Fact 5. Coffee is one of the richest sources of antioxidants

You have probably heard of the magic work of antioxidants in your body. Antioxidants prevent your cells from oxidation and this means virtually everything to do with your health. Current studies have proven that coffee can be the number one source of antioxidants for your body!

Coffee Fact 6. Coffee can protect your skin!

Constant exposure of the skin to the strong UV radiations and other harmful external factors can lead to devastating effects. Did you know that coffee with its antioxidants can help prevent these undesirable impacts on your skin?

7. Stay alert and be quick in learning with coffee!

Though you may always find yourself passing by a coffee shop just because you like the coffee scent or taste, you may have not known what coffee really is. Coffee can accelerate your learning ability and keep you focused and alert. Try coffee at work and you will live to like it!

Coffee Fact 8. Coffee works swiftly after the first sip.

You won’t have to lay down and wait for the coffee to kick in after your finish your coffee mug. The caffeine in the coffee is known to take charge the moment you start sipping.

Coffee Facts 9. Drinking coffee can help weight loss

You won’t have to lay down and wait for the coffee to kick in after your finish your coffee mug. The caffeine in the coffee is known to take charge the moment you start sipping.

Coffee Facts 10. Coffee beans do vary in color

Before the coffee beans begin to ripen, they are normally green. But as they start to ripen, coffee beans may turn yellow, red, or even orange depending on the variety.

Coffee Fact 11. Coffee has more flavors than wine!

Talk of the coffee aromatic characteristics and you will realize that wine is no competitor. Some sources have shown that while coffee can have up to 1500 of these characteristics, only 200 are found in wine!

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